Explore. Export. Analyze.
Squeeze your SpaceClaim in three steps


Juice is the new software designed and developed by Expace Italia perfectly integrated in the SpaceClaim user interface. Juice lets all SpaceClaim users to automate manual operations that normally require so much time and too much costs with no value added.

How many times have you had to do hundreds of clicks for a simple export of step, dxf, dwg and pdf files?

In a market where the “downtimes” are no more acceptable, it is essential to simplify and speed up every process. Juice was designed on this main point and for this reason we wanted to automate manual operations with low added value that normally require long and laborious operations increasing time and costs.

The installation of Juice is extremely simple and it can be done by the user easily. Once the license has been installed, simply activate it by typing your data. Juice is available in Italian and English and does not require setting-up of database or special services. The setting requires the simple assignment of the archives on which you want to operate and you will be immediately ready to enjoy an even simpler and more intuitive SpaceClaim.

Explore your archive instantly by filters, customized searches and clear previews. Find out where the component is used and what your assembly is composed-by with one click. Decide on-the-fly if to open or to insert the file into the opened project. Choose the files you need to export (pdf, dxf, dwg, step, …) and do it automatically in one shot. Analyze your flatten sheet-metal part or collect the welds of the 3D you imported or created with simple selections and finally export ready reports for quick quotation.